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Welcome to my Gallery on the Web!

As long as I can remember I’ve felt a need to create. Though I haven’t had much formal training and am mostly self-taught, I have had many opportunities come my way that have given me a chance to make a living as an artist.

I recently began a new venture working for an interior designer in Plymouth. I work at her firm, but I also work part-time for her as a graphic artist.

I’d spent the previous 6 years working in the pottery shop at Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford Museum as a pottery decorator. My work was sold in the gift shops, used throughout the village, and featured in the catalog put out by the museum. For the five years before that I’d worked at Greenfield Village as a tinsmith, forming items using tools from the seventeenth century.

As much as I enjoyed working as Americans did in the 16, 17, and 1800′s, I have as much fun doing graphic arts and am continuing mainly in that direction.

Please feel free to leave feedback, and I appreciate you for taking the time and having a look at my work.


Kathy Skupski

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